Strong for School (8-11 years)


am 13/07/2022
um 5:00 pm
am Virtuell
Margarete Wolf

Strong for School (8-11 years)

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Personal development for children? Oh yes!
Strengthen your child’s mental skills and help them become self-efficient and happy according to their needs. This course is for children between 8 and 11 years old.
Do you want your child to be strong for the new school year?
Then use the summer vacations to let them discover their own strengths in a fun way. In the playful course, they will learn to understand and manage their feelings. They practice using voice and communication to articulate needs and wants and we foster social skills together in the group.

Then they have the whole vacation to practice what they have learned! So that the first day of school and the new school year will be a complete success without quarrels but with lots of new friends and good-humored days.

The training is based on the concept of “Stark auch ohne Muckis” and elements from the “Pilotprojekt Glück”.
I invite children between the ages of 5 and 7 for three consecutive courses.
In those courses they:
  • get more self-awareness and resilience
  • learn emotion regulation and anti-bullying strategies
  • gain more empathy and understanding for their own and others’ needs and actions
The topics dealt with in the course in a child-friendly manner have been proven to lead to:
  • fewer conflicts and quarrels in daycare, school, among siblings, and at home
  • more focus on the positive and self-confidence in one’s own abilities
  • more relaxed, mindful, and self-effective children
The course will take place on three dates, each from 12:30 to 14:00:
First day: 13.07.2022
Second day: 20.07.2022
Last day and certificate presentation: 27.07.2022
You can leave your child with me and an assistant in the course room. If your child does not want to stay without your supervision at the beginning, you can of course stay. According to our experience, after a while children forget that their parents are there and participate normally. Then you can pick them up again at 14:00. On the last day with certificate presentation in front of the parents.
Fee per course: 69€
With your booking, you buy the ticket for all three dates. Digital parents’ evening during the course week on 20.07.2022. Here parents and guardians learn which methods their children use in the course. So you can apply them at home with fun and joy.
Of course, we adhere to the hygiene and distance rules in force at the time.
The trainer is triple vaccinated against COVID-19 and against measles.
We are looking forward to you and your strong children!
About the trainer: Margarete Wolf


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